By combining forces with existing nonprofits and community leaders, RVA Basics has the potential to dramatically increase the number of kids who enter kindergarten ready to learn.

The best part about the RVA Basics is that anyone can become an advocate for early learning!  Share The Basics to make sure all our kids get off to a great start!

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The Children’s Museum is an active partner in The Basics’ work. Our recently updated Little Farm exhibit was designed specifically to support caregivers in engaging with all of The Basics. In addition, our family engagement programming is focused on The Basics where we model and bring simple hands-on ideas to families using materials found in the home or purchased easily and inexpensively. We believe The Basics are an impactful way to support our youngest learners and we are working in cooperation with other museums and libraries to share this approach consistently across our community.

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The mission of the Chesterfield County Public Schools Office of Family and Community Engagement (CCPS FACE) is based on the premise that all families have the capacity and desire to actualize the very best outcomes for their child. CCPS FACE team coordinator Amy Bartilotti, inspired by hearing this sentiment echoed in the words of Dr. Ron Ferguson, Director of the Harvard Achievement Gap Initiative (AGI), at a Boston Basics workshop in July 2017, rallied to bring the Basics to the Richmond region. Dedicated to the mission and beliefs that parents are a child’s first teacher, and the partnerships between schools and families begins earlier than kindergarten, the vision to bring the Basics to the greater Richmond community began.

Guided by the goal of socio-economic saturation the CCPS FACE team sponsored a three part launch in the Spring of 2018. This included a “Getting Started on a Journey Toward Excellence with Equity ” workshop and reception introducing Professor Ferguson and the Basics to community leaders and at the Children’s Museum of Richmond. The official launch was held at the Chesterfield Technical Center in Midlothian.

The Basics are now part of the vernacular in CCPS schools, across County agencies, and local businesses. The CCPS FACE team continues to collaborate with local partners, families, and educators by promoting the Basics so that they become routine and all children arrive in kindergarten with the necessary academic and social emotional skills.

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Promoting and using The Basics with our audiences across Central Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley, over the air, and through community partner engagement activities. Why? Because life is the program. The 5 Basics developmental skills empower parents and caregivers to play and interact with children in their lives, helping them to lay the foundation for growth and learning.

Check out these really cool shorts highlighting the basics in action! Compliments of VPM

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The first three years of a child’s life are critical for many areas of development. ExCELL is invested in supporting parents and early educators in building a common knowledge base for the experiences our youngest children must have in order to grow healthy and ready for successful learning throughout life. Our collaboration with The Basics strengthens our efforts to expand this vital outreach to the greater Richmond region.